We’ve all seen those signs as we are driving. It’s usually followed with something we value as a reason. Children, construction workers. A reminder to care about other humans. A reminder to keep our eyes open and be alert and take extra care while passing through this zone to ensure the safety of those trusting us to keep their environment safe for them. And, for the most part, when people see these signs, they pay attention to them and slow down.

A friend of mine (Krista Hicks from Simply Breathe Now) posted recently asking us if we have had any “Ah-ha” moments as we reflect on 2019 and prepare for 2020. I started to reply that I hadn’t yet had time to sit down and do the reflection because I’ve been too busy with appointments, prepping for Christmas, and cleaning the house now that this phase of renos is complete. That became my “ah-ha” moment. I was so busy going along at rocket launch speed that I didn’t even have time to reflect. I needed to SLOW DOWN and take a breath and permit myself the time to be aware of my surroundings and evaluate if I’m even on the right trajectory.

Our lives are full of signs telling us to slow down. We just have to be aware enough to notice and then brave enough to follow through. For me, the signs can look like this. “I’m hungry.” “I’m exhausted.” “My body aches.” “Gunner is being extra clingy.” “My husband is constantly in my space and it’s getting on my nerves.” “My friend’s haven’t heard from me in a while.” “I can’t even think anymore.” “Floods of tears.” “Snapping for no reason.” All of these are actually quite late indicators that I have been going too hard and fast for too long and I need to rest. I need to recharge.

“Ah-ha” moment number 2! I don’t actually know what the early signs telling me to slow down are because I have never slowed down enough to notice them early enough.

SO! As we embrace the legacy that was 2019 and begin to write our stories for 2020, I am letting go of the things that no longer serve me. I am pumping the brakes and taking a moment or 500 to listen to my body and my family and figure out how to best serve myself first and then others so that I can continuously run on full instead of toying with empty. Thank goodness for friends like Tawny Stowe who are masters at sign reading.

Dance. Fight. Care.
To Life!
Cher T
Sparkle Queen


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