Silence isn’t Golden

Remember that beautiful little blog I wrote last month about Anger being the misunderstood emotion? Remember how I said it is so easy to dismiss as being overly dramatic and completely miss the underlying heart cry of pain and invisibility? Remember how I said it is easier to display anger as an emotion vs the other “more vulnerable” ones? Well, I’m angry.

I’m furious at the amount of inhumanity that permeates our culture. That my brothers and sisters in humanity are being treated with disregard and hatred simply because they have a darker skin tone than some nincompoop decided was culturally acceptable and handed down this ideology through generations until people with light skin don’t even know why they inherently fear someone with darker skin and people with darker skin have to have conversations with their kids about appropriate behaviour around light skinned people and law enforcement as part of their training to grow to adulthood. That this idea that dark skin denotes evil is so ingrained in us that as a teenager when I saw a black angel as part of a nativity scene in my Uncle Keith’s house, it made my heart stop for a second as I said aloud, “I’ve never seen a black angel before”. And my Uncle Keith simply responded with, “There are black people. Why wouldn’t there be black angels?”.

I’m enraged that the government of Ontario has chosen to revoke a law that ruled out severe voluntary intoxication to the point of automatism as a plausible defence for sexual assault and violent crimes. As someone who has a personal history with how hard it is to achieve a conviction, I am horrified that sexual predators are being given another option to use to avoid responsibility for their actions. This law puts another padlock across the cage that houses our voices.

*** Insert long, guttural scream here.***


When I break the surface tension with my anger, I realize that I am filled with fear, grief, pain, immense sadness. I look at the two paragraphs above and feel helpless, hopeless. It appears as though evil is winning. I watch the news and allow a tear to fall before throwing my stoic shields up in an effort to protect myself from the senseless brutality and victim blaming. I scream…internally. I shake. I throw my hands up in fury and frustration.

I find my voice.

I find my voice because silence is not golden. Silence lets the voice of the oppressor win. Oppressors don’t cower in fear that their voice will be dominated or harrassed. They know if they keep the oppressed from banding together and speaking up, they win by default. But, one voice that has the courage to speak gives courage to another. In that courage, we rally. Together, we use our voices to break the locks off the cages and bring change and freedom.

I have witnessed this happening. National and international protests. Tens of thousands of signatures. The oppressed and their allies raising their voices together until they can no longer be ignored.
Voices that have been silenced for far too long are speaking up. Voices housed in the bodies of humans of every colour are speaking up for the injustices that have and are being committed based solely on skin tone. Voices are speaking up for the injustices that have and are being committed based solely on “reasonable doubt” in favour of perpetrators of violent and sexual crimes.

We are finding our humanity. We are seeing each other. We are hearing each other. We are fighting for each other because we are exhausted. We are tired of holding the screams of pain inside our bodies. We are tired of hiding. We are tired of feeling alone. We are tired of being afraid to speak up because we get the backlash. We are tired of living in a constant state of hypervigilance. We are ready to be free.

Battles are being won for the rights of humanity a little at a time. We must keep going. We must persevere. We are too close to a breakthrough to turn back now.

We fight these battles together because we care about each other and will one day dance in celebration together. Because, to paraphrase “Once Upon a Time”, good always wins. Evil may appear to be winning for a time, but good always wins.

Dance. Fight. Care.
To Life!
Cher T
Sparkle Queen


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