Group Makeup Lessons

Sparkle Kingdom offers unique and empowering group makeup lessons. Perfect for birthday parties, events, and much more. Book instantly with Sparkle Kingdom!

Learn New Makeup Tips, Fun For Everybody!

If you and your friends are looking for a unique, amazing group activity, try Sparkle Kingdom’s group makeup lessons! Everyone will learn how to strengthen their abilities, perfect their favourite makeup looks, and some new application skills to pull them off. Cher will show you technical skills, how you can enhance your natural features, and help each member of your group work on their individual skin types and conditions. Group makeup lessons include anything you’re interested in!


  • Skincare 
  • Perfect application
  • Colour matching
  • And everything in between!

Each lesson is catered to what you would like to learn during your lesson. Whether it’s just an everyday look or a makeup routine fit for more fancy occasions, you and your friends will learn all of Cher’s best tricks, tips, and techniques.

Client Testimonial!

Rebecca Kathleen


This woman is a pleasure to spend time chatting with. She knows her products and gives a lovely facial. If you are in need of a little pampering, give her a shout! Super reasonable prices and your skin will thank you 💕

Shop unique and quality makeup with Sparkle Kingdom!

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