Makeup Lessons

Sparkle Kingdom offers empowering makeup lessons that teach uniquely specialized makeup tips and tricks. Book instantly with Sparkle Kingdom!

Fun & Interactive Group Makeup Lessons

Looking to add a bit of sparkle to an evening? Cher’s personalized makeup classes are an entertaining idea for bachelorettes, birthdays, and a friend’s day out (or night in!). The skills you learn in these hands-on workshops will help you improve your own makeup routine, using the right tools and techniques to create a polished, professional look at home! 

The skills we cover include:

  • Skincare
  • Foundation application
  • Highlighting and contouring
  • Colour matching
  • Perfecting eyeliner

And so much more! We can accommodate anything your group wants to learn.

Customized Personal Makeup Lessons For Your Vision

Do you have the perfect look in mind, but just can’t seem to bring it out? Cher, the owner and Sparkle Kingdom’s makeup genius, offers one-on-one makeup lessons to help teach you what you might be missing. These lessons can be done in-person or online! 

Whether you’re in need of…

  • Skincare tips
  • The right makeup for your skin condition
  • Perfect application
  • The right colour for your foundation

Cher can show you how it’s done. The personalized touch helps because makeup lessons aren’t the same for everyone. Every face, every skin tone, every personal preference is different. Cher can teach you how to work with what makes your face so unique!

Client Testimonial!

Rebecca Kathleen


This woman is a pleasure to spend time chatting with. She knows her products and gives a lovely facial. If you are in need of a little pampering, give her a shout! Super reasonable prices and your skin will thank you 💕

Shop unique and quality makeup with Sparkle Kingdom!

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