Makeup Applications

Makeup is so many different things to so many different people: a confidence booster, a healthy form of therapy, an incredible hobby. Cher offers a personal experience that teaches a wide variety of skills for all occasions.

Unique Personal Makeup Applications

Makeup application is a very personal experience. Every face, skin tone, and personal preference is different. This is because everyone is unique, and Cher takes this into consideration when applying your makeup for any type of event.  Free makeup trials are always included when booking an application to enable Cher to bring out the very best version of you!

Makeup Application Benefits:

  • Save valuable time during your special day
  • Customized to your dreams & visions
  • Fun for every special occasion or event

Cher can help you get a flawless, professional look with your favourite products. No matter what you dream of, a look will be tailored just for you!

Everyday Styles & Special Occasions!

Do you want beautiful, unique, and customized makeup applications for special occasions (weddings, proms, formal, etc.)? Whether it’s a smoldering evening look or basics for when time is of the essence, Sparkle Queen takes you through all the moves so you can always step out with confidence. For each makeup application, Sparkle Queen ensures to create a perfect look! We also offer consultations, so we can go over every aspect for your special occasion.


  • Weddings
  • Graduation photos and celebrations
  • Theatre makeup
  • Halloween or costume parties
  • Just because!

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter if there isn’t an occasion. Sparkle Kingdom’s makeup applications are suited for everyone. Sparkle Kingdom will accentuate and bring out your true beautiful features or turn you into the character of your dreams!

Client Testimonial!

Sarah Askew


Cher donated her skills and time to an amazing Oakridge Student Video project for my business Mensadora. She took the time to do a test run to make sure I was really happy with the overall look before the shoot. She asked for feedback which really showed me she wanted to make sure I was really happy about my image I was creating. On the day of the shoot, she arrived early and prepared. I felt confident that my makeup would look perfect which helped decrease the stress of the day. She was professional and eager to make sure I was happy before she left. She was receptive to feedback and based on my expectations. I would highly recommend Cher and will work with her again.

Shop unique and quality makeup with Sparkle Kingdom!

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