September – A Fresh Start

My absence the past two months, I’m sure, has not gone unnoticed. Please accept my sincerest apologies for not keeping you informed on the monthly deals and for leaving you out of the loop on those makeup tips. Sometimes situations completely outside of our control take all of our brain power to simply survive through the day. Back in July, my husband was in a non-fatal (thank God) motorcycle accident. While the injuries were thankfully of a nature that allowed him to come home without more than a long emergency visit, they are still extensive enough to cause adjustments to our norm. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster as we navigate the aftermath. However, I made a commitment to myself to get back into my writing/business rhythm in September, so here I am with an updated perspective on life. I’ve held myself back from adventures and fun and the big visions in my brain out of fear and what ifs. Because of someone else’s poor decisions that day in July, I nearly had to do all of those things without my husband. Hello, wake up call to take action daily to live the life we want and enjoy it vs waiting for the perfect moment. I am so grateful he and I still get to do life together and navigate the rollercoaster aftermath in tandem vs me…alone. And we so appreciate having you be a part of our journey and our big visions as well.


Speaking of fresh starts, this month we have a beauty bundle that builds the perfect backdrop for your artistic makeup endeavours. Primer, foundation, and a face brush. I have yet to try the mattifying primer, but I LOVE our hydrating primer especially for the dry winter months we are heading into. My fav of our foundations is the stick foundation for an every day full coverage foundation and the spray foundation for that little extra airbrushed look for all those holiday parties coming up. The kabuki brush works the best to create a smooth and even application of both of those foundations. Unsure of your foundation shade? Shoot me a message and we will figure it out together.

Fun Fact: 

I LOVE wearing fun wigs. Wigs give me the chance to create in different ways using the colour and style of the wig to inspire and influence my makeup designs.


No events to tell you about this month. What events would you enjoy participating in? Examples: Zoom call group makeup lessons. One on one online makeup lessons.

Makeup Tip: 

Use your environment to inspire your looks. A flower. Your cat. A mint infused bottle of water. Your favourite outfit. This tunes you into the creative and imaginative parts of your brain and allows you to be more open to experimentation which leads to greatness you never realized you had!


Dance. Fight. Care.

To Life!

Cher T

Sparkle Queen


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