Self-love is in the Air!

Aw. February. The month of very mixed reactions to the concept of love. Some hate it because they feel they don’t have it. While others are incredibly excited to go out for dinner or receive cute little gifts from their significant other. While romantic love can be extremely magical, it is not what keeps us going through the darkness of winter. It is the deep, unconditional love of self first and then the love of others that helps us weather any storm and appreciate who we are no matter what time of the year it is or how many roses we receive on Feb 14th.


Ignite your self-love fire with this month’s sizzling “You’re a Genuine Beauty” collection. 2 liquid eye shadows in any of our 8 colour options. 1 pressed powder blusher (5 options to dust your cheeks) OR 1 lip exfoliator. 1 lippie (the lippie catalogue is your oyster!).

Like last month, this collection comes with an added sizzle option. Choose your favourite foundation in your perfect shade to complete your perfect February self-love look!

**Only excludes the spray foundation.


Upcoming Events!

This is a good one and it is coming up super fast! February 8th from 2-4 PM, we will be doing our “Galentine’s Makeup Workshop” where we will be doing far more than just learning a stunning look that fits our skin. We will be exploring what it means to love ourselves. We will be digging a little bit deeper into our souls and remembering who we truly are. Then, with that knowledge, we will use the medium of makeup to express our authentic inner selves in an act of connection with our raw, exquisite beauty. Claim your seat by contacting Cher T Sparkle Queen at 226-868-3414.

Fun Fact!

I have referred to myself as the Sparkle Queen for several years now because I have decided that I am royalty if not by a country’s title. I am deserving of all the grand and luxurious beauty this world has to offer. And I have a great responsibility to use my talents, my training, and my superpowers to bring beauty, light, love, and goodness to the world. So, on January 17, 2020, I and a few of my close friends held a ceremony to honour this status and to make it more official as I step with greater confidence into my role as Sparkle Queen. It was an absolutely powerful ceremony complete with a fear release, intention setting, blessing of my whole self, and, of course, being handed my rose scepter and crowned with this beautiful crown that was handmade just for me by my dear friend Sheina (Doula Care London). It was such an honour and a joy to feel the royalty, freedom, and responsibility course through my veins.



Makeup Tip!

The best self-love we can do when it comes to our makeup routine, is to take care of our skin. Our skin is always with us. We can wash makeup off, but not our skin! So, we need to make sure we are moisturizing daily and exfoliating regularly to keep our skin cells as healthy and renewed as we possibly can. This reduces dryness and flakiness which, in turn, helps our makeup go on better, look brighter, and last longer. Skincare – so you can literally love the skin you’re in.

Checkout my Glitterally Awesome posts for even more skin-love tips.

Dance. Fight. Care.

To Life!

Cher T

Sparkle Queen


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