Self Love and Makeup

In a world where the “beauty” industry covers the front page of every magazine and litters the checkout lanes at every store, it can be challenging to connect self love with beauty because we end up comparing ourselves to the impossibly high standards. We find ourselves cringing and covering our bodies as the media scoffs at a celebrity with cellulite and demeans one celebrity for being too fat and another for being too skinny. Show off too much skin…slut. Don’t show any skin…frumpy. “She wore too much makeup.” “She looks terrible without her makeup on.” And we crumble under the pressure to look “perfect” until we either give up entirely or spend all our time trying to keep up with the trends and maintain society’s definition of flawless.

But beauty isn’t only “skin deep”. Beauty comes from the core. Our soul. The deepest recesses of our exquisite beings. The thoughts we think. The dreams we dream. The visions of grandeur and magnificence. The creative process of trying something new. The generosity of kindness we display to ourselves first and then to others. It is the ocean of sparkle with which we are all born. And, as we embrace it, we are able to allow ourselves the gift of expressing our beauty authentically and vulnerably in a way that accentuates its true depth.

In this way, we move from “covering flaws and imperfections” to celebrating our unique beauty by painting our faces with love. We see and focus on the aspects of ourselves that we admire. We use makeup in ways that showcase our desires, emotions, and truth. With every brush stroke we realize and magnify the truth that we are Glitterally Awesome!

Dance. Fight. Care.
To Life!
Cher T
Sparkle Queen


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