Power Colours

Colours are fascinating creatures. Some make us feel sad. Some makes us nauseous. Some make us feel like we can take on the whole frickin world! But, of course, we as humans are also fascinating creatures, so the colours that make me sad, nauseous, or powerful are not the same ones that elicit those emotions in you. For me, vibrant, deep shades of blue, purple and red bring my soul to life. They bring out a confidence, candour, and energy that no other colours have. I call them my “Power Colours”.

Kids know the power of their power colours instinctively. They put on their favourite colour and turn into happy little bubbles of cosmic energy with the valiance of a super hero. Adults get reminded to wear the colours that make them feel confident when they go to an interview because it helps them turn up as their best selves in order to attain their desires. Somewhere between child and adult, the intuitive ability to connect easily with our power seems to have been misplaced for many people. We become sucked into the “right way to dress”, the “right way to show up”, the “right amount to be seen” and we force ourselves into colours that allow us to fly under the radar. Get in. Get the job done. Go home. While this may allow us to function passably, it robs us of our true, powerful, sparkling essence as we hide behind what the world has accepted as “ok” vs what fuels our passion.

It can be scary to put on our power colours again after a long absence. But, when you pop on that sunset orange or that moonlight yellow or that olive green or….you fill in the blank…and you feel that rush as you look in the mirror that causes you to stand up taller, flip your hair, smile bigger, breathe deeper; you will reconnect with who you truly are. Give that person permission to step out and play because they are Glitterally Awesome.

Dance. Fight. Care.
To Life!
Cher T
Sparkle Queen


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