Physical Crisis vs Mental Crisis – Part 2

We weren’t built to withstand trauma. We were built for love and peace and connection. Currently in our society there is more understanding and dignity afforded to injuries of the body than to injuries of the mind, the soul, the emotional human epicentre. We live in a world where if it can’t be seen on a physical test, it must not exist. But emotions are not quantifiable or objective. The impacts of trauma are only predictable to a limited degree as each person’s threshold for what breaks them is different. Previous experiences may have weakened or strengthened their defences. When someone has been pushed past that breaking point, it can be challenging to assess with accuracy on a first meeting just how incredibly strong they really are.

And in those moments of being pushed past their limit, it can be difficult for the individual to truly remember and express how strong they really are. It can feel in that moment as though they are the weakest and most unnecessary person on the planet. They need someone to come along side them and see their pain and treat it with the urgency and care that would be given to someone with a severe physical injury. They need their loved ones to be allowed to visit and connect with them. They need to be surrounded by their pictures and favourite items from home to help them feel safe and valued and secure. To remind them of who they truly are and for what they have to live.

Dignity, respect, understanding, connection, love, commitment, and perseverance. No matter what the injury is, every human craves and deserves these basic alliances. These are what will help to keep hope alive and reignite the passion and the drive to live.

No two injuries heal at the same rate because no two people are identical. It’s ok to give people the space they need to move forward. It’s imperative to connect the mind and the body so the mind can hear the signals from the body and move at the pace that is appropriate for healing without over doing it. This goes for a broken arm, a ruptured spleen, or an emotionally severed mind.

When we realize the importance of treating both mental and physical injuries with compassion, care, and urgency; we will be more empathetic and dignified throughout the healing process.

Dance. Fight. Care.
To Life!
Cher T
Sparkle Queen


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