“Ok. Make Me Pretty!”

I hear this almost every single time someone sits in my chair to get their makeup done. It is my #1 pet peeve. Because what was just said to me is that they think they are ugly. They think that makeup will fix or hide whatever “problems” they have. They aren’t happy with who they are and are hoping I can work my magic and make them into someone they can be happy with. There is so much behind that comment that has not usually been brought into the speaker’s conscious awareness.

These are the stories that I seek to uncover as I work with each human that graces me with their willingness to allow me the privilege of painting their canvas. Why do they not think they are pretty? Why do certain colours make them feel certain emotions? Why are they more drawn to bold looks? Or subtle looks? Why do they not want to accentuate their eyes? Why do they not want to wear makeup at all? Why do they feel they can absolutely never leave the house without makeup? What is their favourite feature? Who do they believe they are? How do they want to portray themselves? What do they believe various styles of makeup would say about them?

I can offer tips and tricks to applying makeup. I can colour match foundation perfectly. I can teach about skincare and brush techniques and brush types. I can show how to hide “flaws” and cover “imperfections”. But… it truly is only makeup until the wearer is willing to own their story and uses the makeup as a means of self expression. A way to tell their story, share their emotions, and love who they are.

I don’t make you pretty. I accentuate who you already are. Because you are Glitterally Awesome!

Dance. Fight. Care. 
To Life!
Cher T
Sparkle Queen


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