October – The Magic of Being You

You are a ray of sunshine. You are the waves at the beach. You are new growth in the spring and a bountiful harvest in the fall. You are the sunlight glittering off freshly dropped snow. You are a child’s laugh. A kitten’s mew. A world of beauty and adventure. You nourish. You protect. You love. You connect. You are a magnificent human being exactly who you are designed to be. You are filled with magic. Your thoughts, your deepest desires create your destiny. You embrace life with the passion of two friends reunited.


As perfect and unique as a snowflake, so to are each of you. From your style, to your power colours, to your personality, to the way you desire to show up in the world. This month, the Younique Kudos is as differentiated as each of you. Design your perfect array of products and colours to fit exactly who you are with our 3, 4, and 5 product bundles with respective discounts of 15, 20, and 25%.

*No limit on number of bundles you can create.

*Each item in the bundle must be a different product.

*Savings will automatically be applied as you add items to your cart.

*Message me for help to bring your perfect bundle to life.





I too am magic when I am being me. One of my most beautiful gifts is being able to see you for the magical being you really are. I use my brush (makeup) and my pen (writing for you) to illuminate your essence and allow you to shine.


Always get your foundation colour matched under natural lighting. By a day lit window is the best as it shows your true skin tone and the true shade of the foundation. Indoor lighting often has a yellow or blue tint to it causing your skin to pick up those hues more than what it actually has.

Make you sparkle!

Dance. Fight. Care.

To Life!

Cher T

Sparkle Queen


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