November Newsletter! Check Out This Deal!


The November deal of the month will be sure to make your eyes sparkle. With over 50 shades of eyeshadow to choose from 5 epic mascara options, your biggest challenge will be to narrow it down to just 4 shadows and 1 mascara per bundle. Click hereto uncover your options. 

Upcoming Events

Drop by and say hi at the Wellness Expo at Covent Garden Market on November 24th from 11 AM to 4 PM. We will be on the upper floor. Stay warm and learn about some great ways to treat yourself well from me and the other beautiful wellness experts. 
Tis the Season…For all those lovely, glamorous parties and festivities where you go all out on your wardrobe, hair, and makeup! Take the stress out of getting the perfect eyeliner by booking me to do it for you! 

Fun Fact:

Younique is celebrating 7 years of uplifting, validating, and empowering women this month. That is why you get the sparkly package option with your kudos this month.

Makeup tip:

Did you know that brush care is a part of skincare? Cleaning your brushes after every use keeps bacteria from growing on them. Fewer bacteria equals less risk of skin irritation and acne. Bonus: your colors will also apply more true to color when they aren’t muddied by whatever was on your brush last. 

Dance. Fight. Care.
To Life!
Cher T
Sparkle Queen


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