May – A Time to Honour

For me, May is the month of honouring. Mothers. Nurses. Doctors. We celebrate the care, compassion, knowledge, and love they bring to the world. The way they connect with humans at their most vulnerable and bring comfort in times of greatest pain. They see us at our worst and still hold fast to the belief that good can be done in the world. That good exists in the world. That they are the vessels that bring that good to humanity. Thank you for engaging in the art of healing and creating safe spaces for vulnerability to flourish.


This months kudos honours the value that each person holds in their own unique desires and needs. We realize that not every item in a bundle will speak to you or be needed at this time. So, for the entire month of May, you get to tap into your creativity and design your own perfect bundle at a discount. Check out all the beautiful options and the details here and give yourself the kudos that speaks to your soul.

Fun Fact:

I got a new laptop for Mother’s Day and this is the very first blog to be written and published on it! The keyboard backlights in red which is a big reason why I chose this particular laptop!! #powercolours (P.S. More on that hashtag in this month’s “Glitterally Awesome” blogpost.)






Covid-19 has seen many changes in how we give and receive services. As you can imagine, makeup applications are definitely not an essential service, so I’ve been contemplating what options I have in my business. I realized that the biggest craving I have right now is for connection. Talking with my friends and seeing posts on social media, it is clear that we are all craving connection in this time of physical distancing. So, I am launching what I am calling, “Sparkle Connections”. This is your choice of either a 20 minute video consult to find inspiration to connect your outfit and your makeup OR a 60 minute virtual private lesson to work specifically with your questions and areas of desired growth.

Price point (taxes included):       20 minute consult: $20        60 minute private lesson: $55

“I feel more confident now wearing a full face of makeup without feeling like I look overdone. Definitely learned some tricks that work well for my daily routine and going out” ~Michelle Faulds (after a 60 minute Sparkle Connections virtual private lesson). 

Makeup tip:

We all have a goal for how we want to feel when we put on makeup. Sometimes that is a subconscious goal. I find that I feel the most confident in my makeup when I bring that goal to the surface and consciously choose colours that honour that feeling.


Dance. Fight. Care.

To Life!

Cher T

Sparkle Queen


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