March Forth!

I know. Super punny me!! Just couldn’t resist a little play on the date today. The weather is warming up and the chives are already poking out of the garden. Spring always gives me the feeling that anything is possible. The rest and recover hibernation has past and the vibrant colours can bust through again. LOVE!


This month’s kudos feels like an homage to the colourfulness of spring. Your choice of addiction palettes 1 through 7, choice of pencil or dip and draw eyeliner, choice of epic mascara. Maximize those spring peepers!! (hehe more puns!) For an additional pop of vibrancy, add the eye primer to  your bundle to make those colours last longer and shine brighter.

Fun Fact!

My husband is one of the coolest men on the planet. He believes in me and my visions so much that he is willing to sit in my makeup chair and let me practice all the different techniques and looks that my creative brain desires. He encourages me and gives suggestions for how to make it better when I get frustrated and feel like I’m literally the worst Makeup Artist on the planet. He has held me as I cried because it felt like nothing was working right and I couldn’t figure out how to make it better. He has hugged me tightly as I bounced up and down and cheered and cried when things went even better than expected. He stopped me when I was doing a look last week for #WhackyWednesday and said, “I believe in you. That’s why I let you put makeup on my face.” Instant tears and extra kisses for him!


I have the privilege of being the head MUA for the Spring/Summer Rakhee Chopra Fashion Show. #EmpowerYourCurves. Get your tickets here!










Makeup Tips! 

Makeup is a creative tool that we can all use to reveal the ocean of sparkle with which we are all born. In order for makeup to be used as self expression vs a mask, we must first love ourselves. Read my latest blog post to learn more about how makeup and self love coexist.

Dance. Fight. Care.

To Life!

Cher T

Sparkle Queen


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