June – Soul Connection

I have been getting so excited as I watch my gardens grow. Flowers are blooming. Veggies are sprouting. Fruit bushes are budding and flowering. Every day I wander around and admire the beauty and success of what I (and a couple family members) spent the last two weeks digging, weeding, planting, and watering. It brings me immense joy and I giggle and squeal every time I see a new development. It feeds my soul and makes me feel connected with life.


When I feel connected with life, I create more. Every artist needs there tools and this month we have a beautiful kit to fuel that creative spark. 2 pressed shadow refills complete with their own magnetic case, 1 mascara of your choice including the raved about 4D, 1 eyeliner or eyebrow liner of your choice, and 1 eye brush of your choice. Collect your tools here. *Pro tip: Add one or two more items to cancel out the shipping fee.

Fun Fact:

I write for myself. I put into words the questions I’ve wrestled with, the lessons I’ve learned, the mysteries that perplex me. Sharing them is another layer of vulnerability and silence slaying that is part of my own healing. It becomes a way to connect with others who also need a safe space to be vulnerable and slay silence.


Sparkle Connections are available to be booked! At some point this month, I will have the website ready to book them through. In the meantime, dates and times will be posted on my facebook page. To book, please contact me via the facebook page or by texting 226-868-3414 with your name and the purpose of your text. Sparkle Connections can be booked as either a 20 minute consultation ($20) or a 60 minute lesson ($55). We will discuss the best form of payment when you book.

Makeup tip:

Keep learning. Keep experimenting with your Power Colours and connecting with your confident, sparkly, Glitterally Awesome self.

Dance. Fight. Care.

To Life!

Cher T

Sparkle Queen


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