But it’s Scary!

Stepping out of our comfort zones can be the most terrifying and exhilarating moments of our lives.

These past couple months, I had the opportunity to do just that in my makeup life. I wandered into the insane and very cool world of special effects makeup. I played with bald caps, wig creation, prosthetic creation and attachment, creating characters, wig application on top of someone’s quite long, thick hair, bruising and scarring and suturing. I cried. A lot. I wanted to rip everything off and give up. I threw out brushes full of spirit gum because I was too damn tired to try to figure out how to clean them. I discovered that using disposable brushes is much better. I created a Fagin (from Oliver Twist) inspired look. I made my spouse look exceptionally old. I learned to read latex bottles to make sure I get ones without ammonia in them because the smell is horrendous. I created Toucan Man – a private investigator whose clients are as colourful as his nose. Always dapper in his 1920s gangster inspired suits complete with wingtips and a fedora, he roams the world on the trail of suspected assassins, allegedly cheating spouses, and adult children who “don’t have time to call their mom everyday”. I played with light and shade and colour. I grew as an artist. I pushed the limits of my capabilities and discovered that I am capable of much, much more.

I always say that makeup is one of the most forgiving mediums to play and learn and explore and create with because it is so easy to remove and start again. I also know that I am my own biggest critic because I’m too close to it. I literally need to take a step back from it and look at it from the perspective of the whole person and not that one strip of eye shadow. I also have to look at the details and make sure they are flawless, but it also needs to read well as a cohesive image. I often take pictures of my work, not only so I can show it off and admire it later on, but also so in that moment, I can look at it through the eyes of a third party view. Sometimes that makes me realize how truly amazing it looks and sometimes that shows me the little bits that need removed or added.

The point is, I never know when my moments of stepping out of my comfort zone will lead to something that is Glitterally Awesome. That is why I do it as often as I can.

Dance. Fight. Care.

To Life!

Cher T

Sparkle Queen


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