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Back to Basics

Hello my Sparkle Princes and Princesses. This month has taken us in such a completely different direction than I ever dreamed was possible. Many of...

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We got this!!

Attempting to know how to start this blog post, I paused and took the deepest of deep breaths and let it out slowly through my...

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March Forth!

I know. Super punny me!! Just couldn’t resist a little play on the date today. The weather is warming up and the chives are already...

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Self Love and Makeup

In a world where the “beauty” industry covers the front page of every magazine and litters the checkout lanes at every store, it can be...

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Self-love is in the Air!

Aw. February. The month of very mixed reactions to the concept of love. Some hate it because they feel they don’t have it. While others...

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