About me

I am Cher. A daughter, sister, wife, mother to a plethora of fur babies, friend, woman, entrepreneur, nurse, dancer, makeup artist, lover, fighter, sexual assault survivor, and human.

My Mission

I believe that every child is born with unlimited sparkle and I was no exception. Unfortunately, my sparkle became trapped behind years and years of trauma until I had no idea that it even existed. Fortunately, the best people came into my life and helped me clear a path through the carnage to rediscover my sparkle and to bring it out into the light of day. 

I won’t ever get to know what my life would be like if my unlimited sparkle hadn’t been buried for so long. But, I get to choose to let that sparkle lose now and spread it where-ever I go! That is why I am so passionate about being a role model and guide for others who have forgotten they too have unlimited sparkle. For me, I am not just about makeup, although I do that very well. I find the essence of who you are and accentuate it to allow the real you to shine through. No masks. I help you see yourself and find a way to express who you really are through the medium of makeup.

My superpower is my vulnerability. By being vulnerable, I tap into my secondary superpower of providing a safe space for others to also be vulnerable. Out of this flows the very essence of human connection. Authenticity.

My greatest desire is that my life will be a positive impact on all those I touch whether in person, through the magic of the internet, or the power of the written word (check out my blogs!). And to always, no matter what I do, make it sparkle!

Empowering makeup lessons & applications specially suited to your style.

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