5 Magic Masks

Taking care of our skin is the best way to ensure our canvas is always fresh and ready to paint beautiful pictures. One of the easiest and most fun ways to care for our skin is to do a lovely face mask. Fortunately, Youology has five beautiful face masks for us to choose from. Each mask provides a different benefit to love and nourish our skin so that we can be our healthiest and most cared for selves.

“It made my skin feel very soft and back to life as I have very dry skin. It’s a great mask and also fun because it bubbles!” ~Amanda

I was honoured to have 5 of my Sparkle Princesses model the face masks and give their take on what they love about them.

Mask 1: Purifying mask. This beautiful black mask uses charcoal to draw out the dirt that builds up in our pores. Clogged pores show up as blackheads and acne. Pulling the impurities to the surface allows us to be able to wash them away leaving us with fewer gross things for our immune system to fight which decreases the need for puss pockets to form (aka pimples). Yay for cleaner skin that can now better accept our moisturizers and serums.




“I enjoy the Younique Royalty exfoliating mask for the way it sluffs off the dirt and dead skin and sometimes if you’re so fortunate it takes some of the stress of the day off along with it and gives the opportunity for a good belly laugh leaving skin soft and smooth and the heart lighter too!” ~Crys

Mask 2: Exfoliating mask. This lovely white mask has the texture of very fine sand paper. A little goes a long way as it is applied to your face with your fingers using a circular motion to provide full coverage and massage your face with the gritty texture to gently lift and remove any dead skin, leftover makeup, and dirt.






“It’s a moisture bath in a tub.. Xx” ~Jade


Mask 3: Hydrating mask. The hydrating mask is a gorgeous blue mask that is the perfect addition to every makeup bag as we ALL need to ensure our skin is well hydrated. Hydrated skin has better elasticity, strength, texture, and colour. The best hydration is drinking the recommended dose of water every day. The second best hydration is to add it externally. Tada!




“It makes my face feel less oil and more clean.” ~Jenn          

Mask 4: Oil Control mask. This beautiful pistachio green mask is for all the people that feel like they need to carry a grease rag around with them to mop up the oil every couple hours. This mask is designed to pull that excess oil off your skin and dampen the flow. Did you know that oily skin still needs to be hydrated and that hydration helps to diminish oiliness? Bonus tip.






“This mask is not only a treat while it is on my face… the brightening effect lasts for days. Unlike any other mask I have used at home!” ~Michelle

Mask 5: Brightening mask. This stunning gold mask will have you feeling like a Greek Goddess. It helps to even out skin tone and brighten those dark circles that seem to find their way under our eyes. It is the only peal off mask vs wash off.


All masks are designed to be worn for a minimum of 10 minutes and to assist you in being Glitterally Awesome! To better understand your skin’s needs, take this quiz.


Dance. Fight. Care.

To Life!

Cher T

Sparkle Queen




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